Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sleazy Rider

Ethan and Brian can barely contain their laughter as they climb the stairs to their room on the third floor.

“Can you believe that conversation?” Brian asks “He actually thought we were brothers!”

“Shhhh” Ethan replies “Someone is going to hear you!”

“Please” Brian observes “we’re probably the only guest they have.”

“Then why did they put us all the way up here on the third floor?”

“I don’t know.” Brian replies “Look, here’s our room.”

The two men enter their room, turn on the lights and place their bags on the floor.

“Home, sweet home,” Brian says surveying the room. “at least for the time being.”

“So” Ethan asks ducking his head in the bathroom “do you want the shower first or shall I?”

“Why don’t we hop in there together, baby?” Brian replies “You know, save some water.”

“Ummmm, no can do, too small.”

“Ok then, you take it first, I’ll unpack.”

Ethan walks in the bathroom and turns on the shower then returns to the room, where Brian is standing looking out the window.

“I’ll help you while I wait for the water to get hot.” Ethan offers.

“I hope it doesn’t take long to get the car fixed.” Brian observes “this place is a ghost town.”

“Don’t worry about the ghosts” Ethan replies “I can handle the ghosts”

“What the fuck!” Brian exclaims

“It was just a joke Bri” Ethan explains “I don’t think we’ll be encountering any ghosts.”

“I’m serious babe.” Brian explains going to his suitcase and taking out his pistol

“Brian what is it? Ethan asks worried “What’s going on?”

“I just saw someone climb into that room across the way” Brian explains “Just stay here and call 911 while I check it out.”

Ethan goes to the window and looks out.

“I don’t see a ladder or a rope,” Ethan observes “how did they climb up three stories?”

“I don’t know babe, it was weird. Now just do what I ask ok?”

“Ok, be careful”

Brian leaves the room and makes his way around the large hallway to the other side of the building. He find the room that he believes the intruder entered and listens at the door. He hears what he can only describe as a faint gurgling noise.

“This the is police” Brian commands knocking on the door “open the door!”

Suddenly Brian hears what appears to be a struggle and a lamp breaking on the floor. He takes a step backward from the door and drives his foot into the door just left of the doorknob with all the force he can muster.

“Police, freeze!” Brian commands as he points his pistol at the dark figure before him. As his eyes adjust to the lack of light in the room Brian notices that there are three figures on the bed, a man and a woman lying side by side. They must be a couple he quickly thought. The third figure was on top of the woman straddling her at the waist.

The dark figure turns toward Brian, who quickly flips on the room lights. The figure turns towards Brian hissing and bearing its teeth. Brian is shocked to see that the figure appeared to be nude and all bloody.

“Put your hands above your head” Brian commands “Get down on the floor!”

The figure moves towards Brian continuing to hiss and growl.

“I’m warning you” Brian says “Get on the floor now!”

The bloody figure rushes Brian and he fires his pistol at it several times striking it in the chest and abdomen with no ill effect. In a flash the bloody figure swiftly knocks the gun out of Brian’s hands, throws him to the floor and pounces on top of him.

The figure looks Brian directly in the eyes and he is completely frozen. It moves closer to him as if to kiss him as its mouth hovers slightly above his own. The figures eyes roll back in its head and Brian feels all the air being sucked out of his body. He is powerless to fight back. Brian feels himself beginning to lose consciousness and everything goes black.

“Brian!” Ethan exclaims standing in the door way.

“Get OFF my man, you bitch” Ethan commands waving his arm and toss the bloody figure back with telekinetic force.

Hitting a wall, the bloody figure quickly jumps to its feet and attempts to rush Ethan. However, Ethan waves his arm again this time sending the figure crashing out the window and to the ground below.

Ethan rushes over to the window and looks around. The figure it nowhere to be seen. As sirens fill the cold, night air Ethan returns to Brian and attempts to wake him up.

Carolina Dean