Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Into the Woods

“Are you going to stay in there all night?” Brian asks frustrated “It feels like you’ve been in there for months!”

Ethan’s astral form flew around the building and to the window of the room in which the attack occurred earlier that night. Hovering at the window he looked inside and saw the dark energy that lingers in a place where a violent death has occurred.

“Good.’ Ethan thought to himself “Don’t see any spirits hanging around. Hopefully Mr. O’Brien crossed over quickly.”

Ethan knew what could happen to a spirit that lingers on the earth plane after its body’s death. These spirits often feel that they must avenge their death or right some wrong before they can have closure. Some spirits even become trapped in loops re-living their horrible deaths over and over again. Often when they don’t get that needed closure, the spirit becomes angry, even violent towards those whose space it shares.  

“You know I’m not going to sleep until you’re in bed with me?” Brian asks now standing at the door to the bathroom which he discovered was locked. When Ethan failed to reply he hit the door once “Oh, ignoring me? That’s real mature, Ethan!”

Brian returns to the bed, grabs the remote to the television turns it on and begins flipping through the channels in an effort to distract his mind from his frustrations.

Ethan notices an astral substance on the window ledge that glows a dull green.  As his attention becomes focused on this substance it became clearer to Ethan that the energy leads out of the room, into the nearby woods and beyond.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” Ethan thought to himself as he followed the trail of energy into the woods.

“In other news…” read the announcer over the television “reports keep coming in that an unknown party continues to buy up tracts of land on Moonshine Mountain. This sleepy town was once the hub on the coal mining industry…..”

“Ethan, this is getting old and I’m getting tired” Brian calls turning off the television “When are you coming out of of there?”

Walking through the woods as if he were in his own body, Ethan’s spirit continues to follow the trail of energy. He notices that the energy seems to hover above strange footprints in the earth below. Where the energy trail leads him towards the West, the footprints appear to have been made by someone, or something, walking to the East.

“Hello?” Ethan calls noticing a shadowy figure ahead in the darkness. “Who’s there?” Ethan begins to move faster to catch up with the figure.

“What am I doing? Ethan stops and asks himself “No one is going to be able to see or hear me, I’m on the astral plane…”

“Who ARE you?” the scratchy voice of the figure came out of no where.

“Where did you come from?” a startled Ethan asks the figure “Wait, you can see me?”

“Of course I can see you, you disgusting creature.”

“I’m disgusting? Most not be a lot of shiny surfaces where you come from, Lady. I notice your feet aren’t like us humans.”

“What of it?”

“The skinless body. The backwards feet. I know what you are.”

“And what is that, sunshine?”

“A hag.”

“Ethan, this isn’t funny anymore” Brian yells at the door “Either answer me or come out of there, you’re scaring me!”

“Enough of this!” the hag exclaimed. She didn’t count on this human having the advantage of knowing what she was. Fearing that if Ethan knew what she was, he may also know how to destroy her she attempted to change the subject. “Why are you following me?”

“You killed a man back there. You almost killed his wife, and the man I love.”

“Now I remember. You’re the one that threw me out the window…from across the room?”

“I couldn’t let you hurt them. I came here to stop you from killing anyone else.”

“Ok that’s it” Brian says “This door is coming down!”

“And now….you are the one who’s going to die!” cried the figure as she pounced on Ethan.

“Oh, look at that.” Ethan replied as the hag moved harmlessly through his astral body falling hard on the ground below. “Can’t touch this!”

Brian crashes through the bathroom door and seeing Ethan unconscious in the tub runs over to him.  “Ethan! Ethan, baby, wake up.” Brian whispers to Ethan gently tapping his cheeks.

The instant Brian touches Ethan’s body, Ethan’s astral form returns and he wakes up.

“Brian?” Ethan asks

“Yeah, it’s me, baby. Are you all right?

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” Ethan replies “I….I just feel asleep, that’s all”

Brian helps Ethan out of the tub and wraps a towel around him.

“That’s all” Brian says “You’ve been in here almost an hour. I was calling you and calling you.”

“I guess I just got relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.” Ethan explained.

“Are you sure you’re all right.”

“Yes, I’m fine”

“Ok. Put your clothes on and let’s go to bed.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

Ethan walks towards the dresser to get a pair of underwear and sweat pants to sleep in, but moves over to the window instead. There he stares out the window into the dark night and contemplates his next move.

Carolina Dean